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Gradient Hard Thresholding Pursuit

Xiao-Tong Yuan, Ping Li, Tong Zhang; 18(166):1−43, 2018.


Hard Thresholding Pursuit (HTP) is an iterative greedy selection procedure for finding sparse solutions of underdetermined linear systems. This method has been shown to have strong theoretical guarantee and impressive numerical performance. In this article, we generalize HTP from compressed sensing to a generic problem setup of sparsity-constrained convex optimization. The proposed algorithm iterates between a standard gradient descent step and a hard-thresholding step with or without debiasing. We analyze the parameter estimation and sparsity recovery performance of the proposed method. Extensive numerical results confirm our theoretical predictions and demonstrate the superiority of our method to the state-of-the-art greedy selection methods in sparse linear regression, sparse logistic regression and sparse precision matrix estimation problems.\footnote{A conference version of this work appeared in ICML 2014 \citep{Yuan- ICML-2014}.}

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