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Rounding-based Moves for Semi-Metric Labeling

M. Pawan Kumar, Puneet K. Dokania; 17(91):1−42, 2016.


Semi-metric labeling is a special case of energy minimization for pairwise Markov random fields. The energy function consists of arbitrary unary potentials, and pairwise potentials that are proportional to a given semi-metric distance function over the label set. Popular methods for solving semi-metric labeling include (i) move-making algorithms, which iteratively solve a minimum $st$-cut problem; and (ii) the linear programming ( LP) relaxation based approach. In order to convert the fractional solution of the LP relaxation to an integer solution, several randomized rounding procedures have been developed in the literature. We consider a large class of parallel rounding procedures, and design move-making algorithms that closely mimic them. We prove that the multiplicative bound of a move-making algorithm exactly matches the approximation factor of the corresponding rounding procedure for any arbitrary distance function. Our analysis includes all known results for move- making algorithms as special cases.

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