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Asymptotic Accuracy of Distribution-Based Estimation of Latent Variables

Keisuke Yamazaki; 15(109):3721−3742, 2014.


Hierarchical statistical models are widely employed in information science and data engineering. The models consist of two types of variables: observable variables that represent the given data and latent variables for the unobservable labels. An asymptotic analysis of the models plays an important role in evaluating the learning process; the result of the analysis is applied not only to theoretical but also to practical situations, such as optimal model selection and active learning. There are many studies of generalization errors, which measure the prediction accuracy of the observable variables. However, the accuracy of estimating the latent variables has not yet been elucidated. For a quantitative evaluation of this, the present paper formulates distribution-based functions for the errors in the estimation of the latent variables. The asymptotic behavior is analyzed for both the maximum likelihood and the Bayes methods.

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