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One-shot Learning Gesture Recognition from RGB-D Data Using Bag of Features

Jun Wan, Qiuqi Ruan, Wei Li, Shuang Deng; 14(78):2549−2582, 2013.


For one-shot learning gesture recognition, two important challenges are: how to extract distinctive features and how to learn a discriminative model from only one training sample per gesture class. For feature extraction, a new spatio-temporal feature representation called 3D enhanced motion scale-invariant feature transform (3D EMoSIFT) is proposed, which fuses RGB-D data. Compared with other features, the new feature set is invariant to scale and rotation, and has more compact and richer visual representations. For learning a discriminative model, all features extracted from training samples are clustered with the k-means algorithm to learn a visual codebook. Then, unlike the traditional bag of feature (BoF) models using vector quantization (VQ) to map each feature into a certain visual codeword, a sparse coding method named simulation orthogonal matching pursuit (SOMP) is applied and thus each feature can be represented by some linear combination of a small number of codewords. Compared with VQ, SOMP leads to a much lower reconstruction error and achieves better performance. The proposed approach has been evaluated on ChaLearn gesture database and the result has been ranked amongst the top best performing techniques on ChaLearn gesture challenge (round 2).

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