JMLR Special Issue on Independent Components Analysis

Introduction to Special Issue on Independent Components Analysis
Te-Won Lee, Jean-François Cardoso, Erkki Oja, Shun-ichi Amari; 4(Dec):1175--1176, 2003.
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Dependence, Correlation and Gaussianity in Independent Component Analysis
Jean-François Cardoso; 4(Dec):1177--1203, 2003.
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Beyond Independent Components: Trees and Clusters
Francis R. Bach, Michael I. Jordan; 4(Dec):1205--1233, 2003.
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Energy-Based Models for Sparse Overcomplete Representations
Yee Whye Teh, Max Welling, Simon Osindero, Geoffrey E. Hinton; 4(Dec):1235--1260, 2003.
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Blind Source Separation via Generalized Eigenvalue Decomposition
Lucas Parra, Paul Sajda; 4(Dec):1261--1269, 2003.
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ICA Using Spacings Estimates of Entropy
Erik G. Learned-Miller, John W. Fisher III; 4(Dec):1271--1295, 2003.
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MISEP -- Linear and Nonlinear ICA Based on Mutual Information
Luís B. Almeida; 4(Dec):1297--1318, 2003.
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Blind Separation of Post-nonlinear Mixtures using Linearizing Transformations and Temporal Decorrelation
Andreas Ziehe, Motoaki Kawanabe, Stefan Harmeling, Klaus-Robert Müller; 4(Dec):1319--1338, 2003.
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A Multiscale Framework For Blind Separation of Linearly Mixed Signals
Pavel Kisilev, Michael Zibulevsky, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi; 4(Dec):1339--1363, 2003.
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A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Single-channel Source Separation
Gil-Jin Jang, Te-Won Lee; 4(Dec):1365--1392, 2003.
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Statistical Dynamics of On-line Independent Component Analysis
Gleb Basalyga, Magnus Rattray; 4(Dec):1393--1410, 2003.
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Blind Source Recovery: A Framework in the State Space
Khurram Waheed, Fathi M. Salem; 4(Dec):1411--1446, 2003.
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Overlearning in Marginal Distribution-Based ICA: Analysis and Solutions
Jaakko Särelä, Ricardo Vigário; 4(Dec):1447--1469, 2003.
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ICA for Watermarking Digital Images
Stéphane Bounkong, Borémi Toch, David Saad, David Lowe; 4(Dec):1471--1498, 2003.
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A Generative Model for Separating Illumination and Reflectance from Images
Inna Stainvas, David Lowe; 4(Dec):1499--1519, 2003.
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