Imbalanced-learn: A Python Toolbox to Tackle the Curse of Imbalanced Datasets in Machine Learning

Guillaume LemaƮtre, Fernando Nogueira, Christos K. Aridas.

Year: 2017, Volume: 18, Issue: 17, Pages: 1−5


imbalanced-learn is an open-source python toolbox aiming at providing a wide range of methods to cope with the problem of imbalanced dataset frequently encountered in machine learning and pattern recognition. The implemented state-of-the- art methods can be categorized into 4 groups: (i) under- sampling, (ii) over-sampling, (iii) combination of over- and under-sampling, and (iv) ensemble learning methods. The proposed toolbox depends only on numpy, scipy, and scikit-learn and is distributed under MIT license. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with scikit-learn and is part of the scikit-learn-contrib supported project. Documentation, unit tests as well as integration tests are provided to ease usage and contribution. Source code, binaries, and documentation can be downloaded from

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