JMLR Special Issue on the Eighteenth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2001)

Special Issue on the Eighteenth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML2001)
Carla E. Brodley, Andrea P. Danyluk; 3(Dec):619--620, 2002.
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Efficient Algorithms for Decision Tree Cross-validation
Hendrik Blockeel, Jan Struyf; 3(Dec):621--650, 2002.
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Multiple Instance Learning of Real Valued Data
Daniel R. Dooly, Qi Zhang, Sally A. Goldman, Robert A. Amar; 3(Dec):651--678, 2002.
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Learning Probabilistic Models of Link Structure
Lisa Getoor, Nir Friedman, Daphne Koller, Benjamin Taskar; 3(Dec):679--707, 2002.
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The Representational Power of Discrete Bayesian Networks
Charles X. Ling, Huajie Zhang; 3(Dec):709--721, 2002.
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The Set Covering Machine
Mario Marchand, John Shawe Taylor; 3(Dec):723--746, 2002.
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Coupled Clustering: A Method for Detecting Structural Correspondence
Zvika Marx, Ido Dagan, Joachim M. Buhmann, Eli Shamir; 3(Dec):747--780, 2002.
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Some Greedy Learning Algorithms for Sparse Regression and Classification with Mercer Kernels
Prasanth B. Nair, Arindam Choudhury, Andy J. Keane; 3(Dec):781--801, 2002.
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Lyapunov Design for Safe Reinforcement Learning
Theodore J. Perkins, Andrew G. Barto; 3(Dec):803--832, 2002.
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Finding the Most Interesting Patterns in a Database Quickly by Using Sequential Sampling
Tobias Scheffer, Stefan Wrobel; 3(Dec):833--862, 2002.
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Stopping Criterion for Boosting Based Data Reduction Techniques: from Binary to Multiclass Problem
Marc Sebban, Richard Nock, Stéphane Lallich; 3(Dec):863--885, 2002.
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Learning to Construct Fast Signal Processing Implementations
Bryan Singer, Manuela Veloso; 3(Dec):887--919, 2002.
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Policy Search using Paired Comparisons
Malcolm J. A. Strens, Andrew W. Moore; 3(Dec):921--950, 2002.
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