JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings: Volume 4 FSDM 2008

New challenges for feature selection in data mining and knowledge discovery
September 15, 2008, Antwerp, Belgium

Editors: Yvan Saeys, Huan Liu, Iñaki Inza, Louis Wehenkel and Yves Van de Peer
Yvan Saeys, Huan Liu, Iñaki Inza, Louis Wehenkel, Yves Van de Peer; 4:1-4, 2008.

Approximating Mutual Information by Maximum Likelihood Density Ratio Estimation
Taiji Suzuki, Masashi Sugiyama, Jun Sese, Takafumi Kanamori; 4:5-20, 2008.
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Quality assessment of nonlinear dimensionality reduction based on K-ary neighborhoods
John Lee, Michel Verleysen; 4:21-35, 2008.
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Multi-Source Feature Selection via Geometry-Dependent Covariance Analysis
Zheng Zhao, Huan Liu; 4:36-47, 2008.
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Unsupervised feature selection applied to SPOT5 satellite images indexing
Marine Campedel, Ivan Kyrgyzov, Henri Maitre; 4:48-59, 2008.
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Exploiting tree-based variable importances to selectively identify relevant variables
Vân Anh Huynh-Thu, Louis Wehenkel, Pierre Geurts; 4:60-73, 2008.
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A Bayesian View of Challenges in Feature Selection: Feature Aggregation, Multiple Targets, Redundancy and Interaction
Peter Antal, Andras Millinghoffer, Gábor Hullám, Csaba Szalai, András Falus; 4:74-89, 2008.
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On the Relationship Between Feature Selection and Classification Accuracy
Andreas Janecek, Wilfried Gansterer, Michael Demel, Gerhard Ecker; 4:90-105, 2008.
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Unsupervised Feature Selection for Pattern Discovery in Seismic Wavefields
Andreas Köhler, Matthias Ohrnberger, Carsten Riggelsen, Frank Scherbaum; 4:106-121, 2008.
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Keyword Optimization in Sponsored Search via Feature Selection
Svetlana Kiritchenko, Mikhail Jiline; 4:122-134, 2008.
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Transferring Knowledge by Prior Feature Sampling
Victor Eruhimov, Vladimir Martyanov, Aleksey Polovinkin; 4:135-147, 2008.
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Best Agglomerative Ranked Subset for Feature Selection
Roberto Ruiz, José C. Riquelme, Jesús S. Aguilar-Ruiz; 4:148-162, 2008.
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Unsupervised Variable Selection: when random rankings sound as irrelevancy
Sébastien Guérif; 4:163-177, 2008.
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