JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings: Volume 16

Active Learning and Experimental Design workshop
In conjunction with AISTATS 2010
May 16, 2010, Sardinia, Italy

Editors: Isabelle Guyon, Gavin Cawley, Gideon Dror, Vincent Lemaire, and Alexander Statnikov
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Supplemental material (challenge, datasets, fact sheets)


From Theories to Queries
B. Settles; 16:1–18, 2011.
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Active Learning Challenge

Results of the Active Learning Challenge
I. Guyon, G. Cawley, G. Dror & V.Lemaire; 16:19–45, 2011.
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Baseline Methods for Active Learning
G.C. Cawley; 16:47–57, 2011.
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Active Batch Learning with Tree Ensembles
A. Borisov, E. Tuv & G. Runger; 16:59–69, 2011.
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Active Learning and Experimental Design with SVMs
C.-H. Ho, M.-H. Tsai & C.-J. Lin; 16:71–84, 2011.
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Stochastic Semi-supervised Learning
J. Xie & T. Xiong; 16:85–98, 2011.
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Active Learning Based on Parzen Window
L. Lan, H. Shi, Z. Wang & S. Vucetic; 16:99–112, 2011.
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Active Learning for Unbalanced Data in the Challenge with Multiple Models and Biasing
Y. Chen & S. Mani; 16:113–126, 2011.
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Active Learning with Clustering
Z. Bodó, Z. Minier & L. Csató; 16:127–139, 2011.
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Case Studies in Active Learning

Autonomous Experimentation
C. Lovell, G. Jones, S.R. Gunn & K.-P. Zauner; 16:141–155, 2011.
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Managing Uncertainty within KTD
M. Geist & O. Pietquin; 16:157–168, 2011.
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Inspecting Sample Reusability for Active Learning
K. Tomanek & K. Morik; 16:169–181, 2011.
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