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JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings
Volume 11: Workshop on Applications of Pattern Analysis

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Applications of Pattern Analysis
September 1-3, 2010, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK

Editors: Tom Diethe, Nello Cristianini, and John Shawe-Taylor
Paper Withdrawn
Ching-Wei Wang ; 11:88-95, 2010.

Tom Diethe, Nello Cristianini, and John Shawe-Taylor ; 11:1-3, 2010.

O-IPCAC and its Application to EEG Classification
Alessandro Rozza, Gabriele Lombardi, Marco Rosa and Elena Casiraghi ; 11:4-11, 2010.
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μTOSS - Multiple hypothesis testing in an open software system
Gilles Blanchard, Thorsten Dickhaus, Niklas Hack, Frank Konietschke, Kornelius Rohmeyer, Jonathan Rosenblatt, Marsel Scheer and Wiebke Werft ; 11:12-19, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

SubSift: a novel application of the vector space model to support the academic research process
Simon Price, Peter A. Flach and Sebastian Spiegler ; 11:20-27, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Cross-associating unlabelled timbre distributions to create expressive musical mappings
Dan Stowell and Mark D. Plumbley ; 11:28-35, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Automating News Content Analysis: An Application to Gender Bias and Readability
Omar Ali, Ilias Flaounas, Tijl De Bie, Nick Mosdell, Justin Lewis and Nello Cristianini ; 11:36-43, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

MOA: Massive Online Analysis, a Framework for Stream Classification and Clustering
Albert Bifet, Geoff Holmes, Bernhard Pfahringer, Philipp Kranen, Hardy Kremer, Timm Jansen and Thomas Seidl ; 11:44-50, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Pinview: Implicit Feedback in Content-Based Image Retrieval
Peter Auer, Zakria Hussain, Samuel Kaski, Arto Klami, Jussi Kujala, Jorma Laaksonen, Alex P. Leung, Kitsuchart Pasupa, John Shawe-Taylor ; 11:51-57, 2010.
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Handwritten Text Recognition for Ancient Documents
Alfons Juan, Verónica Romero, Joan Andreu Sánchez, Nicolás Serrano, Alejandro H. Toselli and Enrique Vidal ; 11:58-65, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Assessment of Cow's Body Condition Score Through Statistical Shape Analysis and Regression Machines
Sebastiano Battiato, Giovanni Maria Farinella, Giuseppe Claudio Guarnera, Giovanni Puglisi, Giuseppe Azzaro and Margherita Caccamo ; 11:66-73, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Closure-Based Confidence Boost in Association Rules
José L. Balcázar ; 11:74-80, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

HMMPayl: an application of HMM to the analysis of the HTTP Payload
Davide Ariu and Giorgio Giacinto ; 11:81-87, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Maximum Margin Learning with Incomplete Data: Learning Networks instead of Tables
Sandor Szedmak, Yizhao Ni and Steve R. Gunn ; 11:96-102, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Interactive Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology for Digital Audiovisual Content Processing
Antonio Lagarda, Jorge Civera, Alfons Juan and Francisco Casacuberta ; 11:103-110, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Facial Expression Detection using Filtered Local Binary Pattern Features with ECOC Classifiers and Platt Scaling
Raymond S. Smith and Terry Windeatt ; 11:111-118, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Gap Between Theory and Practice: Noise Sensitive Word Alignment in Machine Translation
Tsuyoshi Okita, Yvette Graham and Andy Way ; 11:119-126, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Modeling Knowledge Worker Activity
Tadej Štajner and Dunja Mladeniƈ ; 11:127-133, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Visualization of Online Discussion Forums
Mitja Trampuš and Marko Grobelnik ; 11:134-141, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Modeling Knowledge Worker Activity
Tadej Štajner and Dunja Mladeniƈ ; 11:127-133, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

A Novel Hybrid Feature Selection Method Based on IFSFFS and SVM for the Diagnosis of Erythemato-Squamous Diseases
Juanying Xie, Weixin Xie, Chunxia Wang and Xinbo Gao ; 11:142-151, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Learning to Rank for Personalized News Article Retrieval
Lorand Dali, Blaž Fortuna and Jan Rupnik ; 11:152-159, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Detection of Server-side Web Attacks
Igino Corona and Giorgio Giacinto ; 11:160-166, 2010.
[abs] [pdf]

Multiple Kernel Learning on the Limit Order Book
Tristan Fletcher, Zakria Hussain and John Shawe-Taylor ; 11:167–174, 2010.
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